Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Raleigh's Final Trial

The final day of the Ferndale AKC trial, described below, Raleigh was really disengaged, and simply not his usual exuberant self.  In looking at the videos of his runs all weekend, he just didn't have the speed and enthusiasm that he has always shown while competing.  A visit to the vet yesterday told us why---he has been diagnosed with two calcified discs in his spine, so the little guy has been in quite a bit of pain, but pulling it together to run anyway.  He is now in healing mode----restricted activity, anti-inflammatory medication for two weeks, and odds are he'll be fine.  But, to our great chagrin, his agility career has ended.  These photos are from the last Teacup trials, his joyful smile melts the heart. When he's better, we'll focus on Rally, a gentle sport that he can still enjoy.


Janine said...

That's so sad. I'm sorry for you both. You can see in your photos how much he loves the sport. But he'll still have a great life -- just not competitive. Glad you found out what was wrong.

Janine M.

Kathrin Burleson said...

Thanks, Janine. Raleigh is doing better now and will be on limited activity for another month. After that, he'll be able to continue to compete in Rally Obedience which he loves.