Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another reentry

When I first started blogging I had good intentions of posting every day. Then it became every week. But somehow those weeks melt away and it has been months. What happened? Well, Honor Flight, the holidays, lots and lots of studio work, much of which has been experimental and not the kind of thing I want to post, however what the heck I may as well put a couple of things up later anyway.

Aside from drawing and painting, I have been doing lots of agility. Emma the 14 month old puppy has been so anxious to get started and she is absolutely ecstatic now that she is enrolled in lessons and actually doing agility instead of messing up Raleigh's runs (see video on previous post). In honor of this new phase of her life, I did the watercolor that you see above.

Speaking of honor . . . the Honor Flight Humboldt County project is off to a great start, and I thank all of you who have already donated, signed up to help, or put us in contact with veterans. We can always use more help, so please contact me if you are interested in being part of this very exciting and rewarding endeavor. Our flight is scheduled for April 15.